Burglar Alarm Installation Services

Burglar Alarm Installation and Monitoring

From the very beginning, your experience with us is our top priority. The same care and attention you receive the first day we meet to discuss your security system continues throughout our entire relationship.

Burglar alarm systems are a priority for businesses and homeowners. ITD secure provide burglar alarm Installation services in kent.

Some popular features of our burglar alarm installation services include touch screen keypad control, voice prompts, wired and wireless options, remote arming/disarming, and panic buttons.

burglar alarm installation services
wireless alarms

Burglar Alarm Installation in Kent.

Over the years, our local security system clients in Kent have placed more value on our mobile compatible burglar alarm system solutions.

All alarm systems can be connected via smart phones – phone/iPad and Android devices included – for remote control of key features like arming/disarming, thermostat control, viewing security cameras, turning on and off lights, keyless entry and more.

Of course, we ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your intrusion/burglar system.

Choosing the Right Burglar Alarm for you.

For large, complex commercial security systems, Our burglar alarm installation services has solutions that are capable of monitoring hundreds of independent zones and multiple area arming.

Our systems can manage hundreds of different user codes, user cards or keyfobs; as well as schedules for user codes, and automatic system arming/disarming.

Modern burglar alarm systems rely on detection sensor technology.  Our intrusion sensors are highly sensitive! Among the intrusions they are capable of detecting are: motion, glass breaks, vibration or shock, magnetic door/window contacts, safes and vaults, fences and perimeters, panic buttons, temperature changes, natural and propane gas, smoke, carbon monoxide, and flooding.

Our Alarm Systems is your source for highly dependable products and professional services with affordability. We are based in maidstone, kent, have over 15 years of experience with the knowledge and expertise to handle today’s growing need in security for residential, small businesses, realtors, property management, non-profit organizations, farming, gaming industries, banking and more.

Our alarm monitoring service areas include: Kent, Maidstone, Mailing, Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham, Medway, Borden and Sittingbourne.

SmartHome applications are becoming a greater trend in the housing market. These systems can be enabled using the latest technology incorporated with our security panels using a GSM Cellular Module communicator.

Stay connected with an mobile phone application Solution and get notifications when your system has triggered an alarm, a door or window is opened. We also offer Life Safety equipment such as flood sensors, monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detectors that can be incorporated into our control panels.

Pricing your Burglar Alarm Installation Packages

  • 1 x External Siren
  • 2 x Passive Infra Red Sensors
  • 1 x Door Contact
  • 1 x Control Panel (internal keypad and sounder)
  • 2 x ON/OFF remote fobs
  • WiFi Controller for remote access

All of this fully Installed for a Special Price of ONLY £329.00 (Time Limited Offer)

Burglar Alarms Kent

Want to Add more sensors to your System - No Problem

PIR Sensor Pyronix

PIR Sensor - Pet Friendly

PIR sensors can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects. They are mounted on the wall near to the ceiling and communicates with the control panel that a movement has been noticed.

Enforcer Door Contact

Wireless Door Contact

Comes in two pieces, one part of the contact sensor is installed on the door while the other is fixed on the door frame.They drift apart if the door is open, the sensor transmit ‘open’ signal to the control unit.


Dual Tech Sensor Enforcer

Dual Tech Sensor

Dual technology utilises both microwave and PIR channels for higher catch performance and false alarm immunity


Keyfob Enforcer

Remote Keyfob On/Off

Similar to your car’s remote control. Can be used to arm, disarm , set panic alarm or part arm. Up to 4 different functions.


Proximity Tags Enforcer

Remote Keyfob On/Off

Arm and disarm your security system by scanning them near to the keypad


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