Burglar Alarms in Maidstone

Simple to use, even the kids can use it…..

Why come to us to Install your Burglar Alarms in Maidstone?

From the very beginning, your experience with us is our top priority. The same care and attention you receive the first day we meet to discuss your security system continues throughout our entire relationship.

Our aim is to cover your property with security keeping the price down. The market is competitive but we still come out on top. We know that when you spend money you want to get value for money with your Burglar Alarm. We won’t over sell items to you.

We will in fact look for ways to reduce what you need. Many medium sized houses can simply have 2 PIR sensors and a door contact inside, a control panel and external siren.

Why pay more for a Burglar Alarm when you don’t need to?

Please check out our BLOG which is a step by step guide to buying  New Burglar Alarms Kent.

Quality Installation

We are also qualified electricians and will install your system to current specifications


Need to know what button does what? Just call us on 0800 804 6170

Annual Servicing

Our Annual Service Plan is £9.99 Direct Debit per month helping you spread the cost.

Choosing the Right Burglar Alarms in Maidstone for you.

Price and Support all in one!

We like to keep it simple. Our profit margins are not high as we work on volume. This means that our pricing structure is easy for you to work out. Occasionally there may be some quite specific work needed for installation but this is rare.

Also depending on where you are we may have some additional travelling costs. i.e London. If you want to see how competitive we are look at one of our competitors here. We don’t mind you looking.

We will offer you our best price every time. See the example pricing below. You can even select which items you need and you can price it yourself.

ALL of our prices are subject to a remote access and service plan which is £9.99 per month Direct Debit. We do this so we know you will look after your alarm, not only that most insurance companies insist an annual service.  From experience if people don’t want a service then the alarm becomes useless and then when they want to start using it we have to re program the entire system. 

Burglar Alarms in Maidstone - #1 Package in Kent

  • 1 x External Siren
  • 2 x Passive Infra Red Sensors
  • 1 x Door Contact
  • 1 x Control Panel (internal keypad and sounder)
  • 2 x ON/OFF remote fobs
  • WiFi Controller for remote access

All of this fully Installed for a Special Price of ONLY £399.00 (Time Limited Offer)

Burglar Alarms Kent

Want to Add more sensors to your System - No Problem

PIR Sensor Pyronix

PIR Sensor - Pet Friendly

PIR sensors can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects. They are mounted on the wall near to the ceiling and communicates with the control panel that a movement has been noticed.

Enforcer Door Contact

Wireless Door Contact

Comes in two pieces, one part of the contact sensor is installed on the door while the other is fixed on the door frame.They drift apart if the door is open, the sensor transmit ‘open’ signal to the control unit.


Dual Tech Sensor Enforcer

Dual Tech Sensor

Dual technology utilises both microwave and PIR channels for higher catch performance and false alarm immunity


Keyfob Enforcer

Remote Keyfob On/Off

Similar to your car’s remote control. Can be used to arm, disarm , set panic alarm or part arm. Up to 4 different functions.


Proximity Tags Enforcer

Remote Keyfob On/Off

Arm and disarm your security system by scanning them near to the keypad


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