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Intruder Alarms in Maidstone - What's What?

There are so many answers to questions new customers want to know about steps they should take in buying an Intruder Alarms in Maidstone.

Here we will try and explain what’s what and the process of choosing your burglar alarm. We can help you choose the right Burglar Alarm for you, We will fit your Burglar Alarm and provide the Service Plan you need to keep it fit and healthy.

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Where to start in choosing your Burglar Alarm in Maidstone?

Right here is where you start. 

Wired or Wireless systems is normally the first decision. Let us help you as this is a simple answer. If you have a new build then you could consider a wired system as there will be no damage to any existing surfaces. Anything other than that type of property you should simply choose a Wireless Burglar Alarm System. 

Why? Well the Wireless Burglar Alarm systems now are so superior you get so much more for your money and guess what… No damage to walls or ceiling needs to be done to install the sensors such as PIR Detectors, Door Contacts or even Sirens.

Our Burglar Alarm systems are also installed to a Grade 2 Level for insurance. 

Remote Access (APP) or not you still need to turn the alarm on and off. With our FREE App you can remotely login to your Burglar Alarm and manage it. So you can turn it on and off, check its status making sure that if you have left for work you did actually turn it on.

You are also able to look at times it was set and unset and who did this. This is perfect for you to see when cleaners or the kids came home or left. Our Pyronix Alarm systems come with Remote Access and we program this to your properties WIFI. Even if you don’t want to use the remote access then we will supply you with fobs for turning the system on and off. 

Quoting for your new Burglar Alarm in Maidstone is quite simple. We always like to come and see your home to give the best advice but we can give you an estimate over the phone.

One of the main reasons we will need to see your home is that we will need to check where we are installing the main control panel as this needs either to be plugged in or connected to an existing circuit within the house. Everything else is wireless. 

Which sensors do you need? There a quite a few different sensors but generally here are the main 2 or 3 to consider. PIR sensors are small sensors that are normally found in the corner of the rooms. These measure motion via passive infra red.

When they see motion they will alert the main control panel and act accordingly.  Dual Tech PIR Sensors are really designed for harsher environments where there is a great range of heat detection etc. An example of the best use of Dual Tech PIR Sensors is within a garage or conservatory where the heat in a conservatory get get much hotter.

The Dual Tech sensor will only activate when it sees a heat signal and motion at the same time. This reduces the chance of any false activations in a room like this due to heat movement alone.  Wireless Door Contacts are ideal for Points of Entry into a house such as a front or back door. Below is an example quote which may help you when pricing your new burglar alarm in Maidstone . 

Example Quote:-

3 Bed Semi-Detached House, Open plan Kitchen/diner at the rear with bi-fold doors

  • External Wireless Siren attached to the front of the property
  • Door Contact on the Front Door Triggers the entry to the property. 
  • PIR Sensor in the Downstairs Hallway covering movement between rooms at the front of the house. 
  • PIR Sensor covering the open-plan room at the rear. (This is little point adding a door contact to the bi-fold doors as the PIR will cover the room and entry via the Bi-Fold Doors.)
  • PIR Sensor on the upstairs landing covering movement between all rooms upstairs. 
  • Control Panel inc Siren and attached Keypad under the stairs.
  • 2 Remote Control Fobs
  • WIFI App Remote Access for Unlimited users
Price £394 Fully Installed (Price is based on also having a service plan attached to this system)
Service Plan £9.99 per month Direct Debit (What this includes is below)


Service plan

We offer a full-service plan for £9.99 per month. If you are in the Maidstone and surround areas we will enhance this service plan to include FREE call outs for any issues identified. This even includes I want a sensor removed so that I can decorate. Part of this plan is that every 12 months we will fully service your system and change batteries in the system so that your system is fully maintained and serviced. 

Why we do this and why we will not sell to you an alarm at this price unless you have a service plan. It’s really simple. From years of experience, we know that if you look after your system if will look after you.

The customers who generally do not want to take a service plan WILL NOT look after the alarm and then when something goes wrong at 3 am in the morning they are on the phone and it becomes our issue to deal with. 

This is simple and easy to set up and also spreads the cost of the annual service.

IF you DO NOT want a service plan please add £150.00 to the purchase price of your alarm system. 

YOUR NEXT STEP is to simply call us on 0800 804 6170 or 07850 088402 and arrange a home visit or we can discuss your requirements for a Burglar Alarm in Maidstone over the phone. 

What we Won’t do……. We will not pressure sell, we will not oversell, we will not take advantage of you being vulnerable as a result of being a victim of burglary. 

What we will do… We will give you the best price, we will not let you down, we will be open and honest, we will show our CRB document upon request, we will be there for you when you need it. 

74 / 100

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