Home Security Systems Kent

Home Security Systems Kent

Are you looking for a home security systems Kent?

It is extremely important as a customer to balance the quality of what you need without getting ripped off for price. 

We have a set structure of pricing as in our other post here but this price is set to give you the best value for money. 

Our Main office is in Bearsted Maidstone Kent but we do obviously install out of this area.There may be occasions where will will add extra charges for travelling and time. An example of this is Royal Tunbridge Wells.

There are some really remote areas in Kent and the time and cost to get there are increased. We will never add a charge at the end, we will always add this at the quote stage. An example of this is Bromley, albeit in Kent is pretty much in London. We will normally add £50.00 to the quote to allow for time and fuel. 

Why do so many people have a home security systems Kent.

Kent like Surrey and Sussex experience high volumes of Travelling Criminals due to the strategic road networks around and travelling through Kent.

The A2/M2 and M20 motorways provide a fast access from London in and out of Kent.

Allowing active mobile criminals to drive to your area pretty much unseen by police or cameras.

Granted there are ANPR cameras placed at strategic locations but not all access points are covered and if it were your job find the lack of an ANPR camera then its not too hard to do this.

Once the burglary has taken place they are back on a motorway within minutes and away from the scene.

To answer the question posed about Why do so many people have a burglar alarm Kent is simple. The early warning of an alarm allows several prevention or detection strategies to play out. 

1) Prevention through having a new Burglar Alarm Siren Box outside the property

2) Having the right devices inside to make an early alert to YOU and the neighbours. Some people say others just ignore Burglar Alarms but I can tell you right now from years of surveillance of Burglars, they do not like them at all.

3) Their worry is not about the sound its the fact that someone will be watching and will be able to identify them in court or at an ID process. 

4) Not only the Burglar Alarm going off is noisy but it encourages them to make mistakes such as leaving Fingerprints or DNA. 

Home Security Systems Kent

Why should we be YOUR choice when choosing
a Home Security System in Kent?

We have over 18 years of experience in Home Security Systems such as CCTV, Burglar alarms and Covert systems. This experience was gained from 18 years of being a Police Office and using covert tactics and techniques to achieve the best evidence to convict suspects. I have personally been trained by the Police to deal with and insert security systems with great effect. 

SO when we view a property we look at this from a very different angle, An example being some people want pretty pictures from their CCTV so when they login on their phone they can see their house. That really is not what a CCTV Home Security System is for. It should cover pinch points, points of entry and often where they would not expect it. We provide this information and simply do our BEST FOR YOU. 

We don’t use cheap and poorly manufactured equipment available on the mass marked at places like Homebase. This stuff is not ideal and certainly doesn’t last the marathon. We see many faults with this stuff and to try and find work around for these systems is hard work. We now simply don’t fit any equipment purchased from these places. They are designed for the DIY market. 

the funny thing is that a professional Home Security System isn’t often that much more expensive or sometimes cheaper. Take this Yale System for Example. £350 for a lot of rubbish. Have a look HERE Our alarm system in only £329.00 FITTED. 

Even if you just want advice please call us. We will give you as much information as we possibly can to help you make the right choice. 

Office : 01622 736778

Mobile : 07850 088402

E mail : enquiries@itdsecure.com

Free Phone 0800 804 6170

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