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Why are Home Security Systems Important?

Home security systems, do I really need one? Purchasing a home security system can be a big step. Maybe you’re currently in two minds, wondering if it’s really worth the cost of the installation and a recurring monthly fee. It’s clear that home security systems can help protect your valuables, but there are lots of benefits to a home security system that might shock you.

In the following post, I will break down the most important aspects of purchasing a new home security system from ITD Secure.

But first, here’s why it’s important to consider having a home security system.

Home Security Systems – The Facts

Did you know around 2 in 100 households were victims of domestic burglary last year in the UK,  That’s no joke, and it’s one of the many reasons why the home security systems are growing so rapidly right now.

For the most part, bolting your doors and locking your windows will help you keep your home pretty safe, but sometimes it isn’t enough. No one is without risk when it comes to a break-in. Here are some things you may not know:

  • Approximately 7,455,414  burglaries are reported in the United Kingdom on average every year
  • 95% of burglaries are not solved
  • 70% of burglaries are residential break-ins
  • Homes without home security systems are 4x as likely to be burglarized
  • 28% of residential assaults are the product of burglaries
  • 47% of burglaries  are spur of the moment

You will probably find these numbers surprising.  Well, here’s what a home security system can do for you if you choose to have one..

Home Security Systems

Burglars Will Pass You By

According to the Electronic Security Association, nine out of ten burglars will think twice about burgling a home if it has an armed security system. A study by Rutgers in 2009 also showed that home security systems help protect other homes in your neighborhood as well. That’s right! If multiple homes in a neighborhood have home security systems, that neighborhood as a whole is less likely to be targeted by thieves and burglars.

Some ways that burglars can tell if you have a home security system includes having CCTV  and security company warning signs outside your home. Cameras placed by doors and windows will also be a deterrent for burglars taking a closer look at your property.

Burglars want an easy target. The quicker they can break-in , the more likely they will target your property. They’ll rarely target a home that’s equipped with multiple security measures. In the rare case that a burglar is brave enough to force entry into your home, alarms will sound on your security system to deter them. Simultaneously, you will be notified as well using a smartphone app. 

Reduced Homeowners Insurance Cost

On average, a home security system can help you save approximately 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance because it makes you less likely to file a claim with your insurance company. Homeowner’s insurance typically costs about £35/month for every £100,000 that your home is worth, so if your home is worth £300,000 you might be saving over £250/year.

In some cases, that covers the cost of the home security system itself. What this means is that your home security system isn’t costing you any more money than you’re used to and your home is fortified against burglaries, fires, water damage, carbon monoxide poisoning, and so on.

 A home security system is also great for video surveillance. ITD Secure can offer wireless video surveillance that you can access from your smartphone. 

Lastly, home security systems are beginning to become compatible with devices such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo. With these devices, you can lock your doors, turn on lights, or arm your home security system with as little as a voice command.

Obvious Deterrents

There are some things you can do easily to help protect your home against burglars, and they might be easier than you think.

  • Install large window and door locks in plain sight.
  • Install deadbolts on all your exterior doors.
  • Get motion-activated lights that turn on and off based on infrared signals. These can usually be installed anywhere outside your home and can be purchased at any major hardware store.
  • Install heavy-duty thick doors. Approximately 75% of burglars break into your home through a door, so installing a heavy-duty door that’s harder to break through will increase the security of your home. Don’t forget the deadbolt lock to match.

It should always be noted that some of these measures will cost as much if not more than a home security system. For example, a heavy-duty solid door can cost over £800.

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Act Now – The Next Step

Well, there it is. You’ve got the basics. There is a lot of things you can do to protect your home, but with home security systems as readily available and affordable as they are, it’s likely not out of your budget. Contact us on 0800 804 6171 for a no-obligation quote or alternatively click here to contact us.


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