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Top 5 Tips on Where to Place Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras

If you already have security cameras for your home, you already know home security cameras can prevent break-ins and ensure your family and property safe from vandals and burglars. However, placing your security cameras in the best hot spots can be challenging.

Home security camera’s effectiveness can be influenced by where you place it. So knowing where to place home security cameras around your home is very important. Catching burglars in Kent can only be done if your camera is put in the right location.

We have over 20 years experience and expertise knowing the best places to put home security cameras

Quick tips:

  • Position the camera above the front door at about 8 feet above the ground to cover the most vulnerable areas around the front of your home.
  • Place a camera at the back door, the garage, and your driveway to ensure the best coverage.
  • Don’t place your camera behind a glass window, which may cause window glare and other problems.

#1. Where to Place Home Security Cameras: Locations and Positions

Deciding where to place your Home security cameras plays an important role in providing the best surveillance.  At ITD Secure, we have security camera placement software and apps, which help place cameras in the best locations.

Below we have five home security camera placement tips if you already have home security cameras. Moving them to a better location could help the police to capture the criminals and most importantly ensuring the criminals get caught and  prosecuted.

1: Front Door

Around 34%, burglars enter through the front door, so you need a security camera at this location. Actually, this is the most important security camera placement outside your home.

Place your camera at a good height to avoid a burglar from knocking out your camera. If you only have one level, you could enclose your front door security camera in a mesh wiring to help protect it from tampering.

Also, make sure you install an alarm to alert you in case someone tries to break in.

Top 5 Tips on Where to Place Home Security Cameras
Back Door Camera
An infrared camera is ideal for the back door.

2: Back Door

22% of thieves break into your house through the back door, so you would benefit from using a camera here.

This includes side doors as well. Actually, you should attach a security camera to every door you have in case of intrusion.

Again, try to keep it out of the reach of humans or things they can throw at a camera. The camera should have night vision and be waterproof so as to be effective in all conditions.

3: Off-street window

About 23% of the burglars will also break into a home by entering through a rear window, away from the view of the street.

The burglar knows that he or she has few chances of being caught, therefore they will execute their job very comfortably and then leave unnoticed. You should install cameras and alarms on these windows to prevent such break-ins.

off-street window
off-street window
Garden Camera
Garden Camera

4: Back Garden Camera

Your back garden is where you place your expensive garden machinery and lawn equipment. The kids might also leave their bikes in the garden thinking that they are secure.

You should make sure that your back garden is secure by installing CCTV cameras and floodlights facing it. You can also install a good fence to maximise security.

5: Stairs to your home

For homes with stairs, you might have a small window in which a burglar can squeeze into your house. You need to ensure you have a camera placed here, preferably a motion sensor camera that has infrared night vision.

Your security is very important. This is why installing a home security camera system is recommended to make sure that criminals get caught.

At times, there may be no one at home, making it favorable for burglars to strike. Having CCTV cameras in the right places will save the day.

Potential burglars may disappear before the police arrive, but you won’t have to worry when they can still be caught from your CCTV footage.

off-street window
off-street window

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